Grapevine is a US city located in the state of Texas. The majority of the city is situated within Tarrant Country, but some areas extend into two other counties: Denton and Dallas. The 2010 United States census showed that 46,334 people live in the city. The estimated population today is around 52,000.

Some of the biggest employers in Grapevine include Dallas International Airport, UPS, Gaylord Texan Resort, Game Stop Corporation, and Grapevine Colleyville ISD. The international airport employs the largest number of people by far, as over 60,000 people work for the company. In contrast, the city’s second-biggest employer, GameStop employs around 2400 workers. Gamestop is a national electronics retailer, but their headquarters is in Grapevine.

Transport links in Grapevine Texas are excellent. There are two State Highways running through the city and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport provides connections to national and international locations for both cargo and passengers. When it comes to the rail network in the city, The Grapevine Vintage Railroad is seen more as a tourist attraction than a public transport link as carriages travel at slow speeds.

The are many bus services in the city and fares are reasonably priced. If you are planning to travel to the city, you should be able to rely on the bus network to visit all the key tourist attractions in the area. Just make sure you check out local bus times tables before you arrive, so you know the operating hours of buses on various routes. There are many night buses, so it is possible to enjoy the city’s nightlife without having to spend a fortune on taxis services.

Grapevine has three international sister cities. These cities are Krems an der Donau in Austria, Linlithgow in Scotland and Parras de la Fuente in Mexico. Some of the most notable places in the city include Gaylord Texan, Fellowship Church, 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial, Lake Grapevine, Great Wolf Lodge, B&D Mills, and Historic Downtown.

There are many famous people from Grapevine Texas including film critic Joe Bob Briggs, Professional soccer player Greg Garza, singer-songwriter Norah Jones, Demi Lovato, and actress Jenna Dewan. You can find out about more notable people from the city on the official Wikipedia page for the location. You can also learn a lot more about the location including its geography, demographic makeup, history, climate, crime rate, government and economy on the web’s biggest free online encyclopedia.